Complaints against HP computers


Aug 5, 2011
Hello,why does HP charge nearly $50 for support service after the warranty is run out to only charge again another $50 to not be able to repair computer problem because of a bad external hard drive that doesn't power up promising you an extension from the original charge but because you contact them one day past the original extended support time they want more. Isn't this scam??


Feb 5, 2013
I would simply like to state how extremely disappointed I am in Hp products and all of their support! I purchased a desktop pc for myself and laptop for my wife about 5years ago. Within 1 month of each warranty expiring, both computers started to take a ***. I had to replace the graphics card, hard drive, and power supply on my desktop. On the laptop the motherboard went. In hp's forum I found that there were several hundred people experiencing the same problem with their laptops that were the same series. I took it to my computer repair man, since I needed a full time one with all the issues with my otherpc, and he confirmed that this was a known issue with this line of laptops. When contacting hp to ask about the obvious defect they told me that my model did not quallify for the recall they did have. Even though there were all these posts on their forum that had the same problems with the same model!!! Finall, like a dumbass, and after going back and forth with them, I gave them another chance and bought a new laptop froom them, which the sales rep did give me an extra small discount on do to all me documented troubles with them. Now here we are yet again. I have to admit though, this computer did make it to just under 2 years but has finally started to fall apart. I should have known that it was only a matter of time. When I contact hp, they tell me, "we have come up with a solution, you need to send it in for repairs. Would you like to know the estimated cost?" ESTIMATED COST!!!!!! Are you kidding me. Needless to say, after spending about 4k on computer and repairs, I have one that currently works after five years. Basicly because I had to dump another $600 into it to get it that way!!!! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE. NOR WILL I EVER RECOMMEND AN HP PRODUCT TO ANYONE I KNOW!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!! 3COMPUTERS AND I CANT GET ONE TO MAKE IT TO THE 2 YEAR MARK???!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME. PLEASE THINK LONG AND HARD BEFORE YOU EVER DECIDE TO GIVE THIS COMPANY A DIME FOR ANYTHING. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HAVE TO PURCHASE A NEW COMPUTER OR REPAIR THE ONE YOU HAVE EVERY 1-2 YEARS?