Solved! Computer audio plays thorugh mic and my mic isnt working now, help?

Jul 7, 2020
Literally last night, my discord and game mics were all fine and the sound was ok. when i got on discord today, nobody could hear me but they could only hear my background sound such as the game im playing and the music. Ive tried to do almost everything possible and cant seem to figure it out. Ive tried: unchecking the listen to this device, restarted windows audio, redownloaded Realtex drivers, but none seem to have worked. Ive tried my mic on a seperate device and it worked there, but not on my pc. Ive tried changing the ports, pluggun/unpluggung, no hope.
I have a SADES Headset with Realtek drivers.

Sonic Illusions

Feb 16, 2019
Do you have a desktop PC? Have you tried reversing the cables if you're using analog 3.5mm connectors (not USB)? The mic and speaker (headphone) connections have been reversed, possibly on the motherboard header or from a color-code error by the mfr.