Computer Game not reading files


Jun 4, 2017
Hi tomshardware community, I have a issue regarding where my files are saved on my laptop. I recently wanted to organize my files with new folders to put my files but when I made a seperate folder for a game I was playing, it would not read all the files but only one.When I start up my computer game "Grand Theft Auto V", it starts reinstalling the WHOLE game, I found out the problem but I cant get a fix for it. SO basically whats happening is that my PlayGTAV.exe is being run in my "Grand Theft Auto V" folder but thats the ONLY file it sees. It ignores the other 40 files I have in the same folder for some reason. My properties for GTA 5 is Start in: "D:\SteamLibrary\Grand Theft Auto V" and Target is "D:\SteamLibrary\Grand Theft Auto V\PlayGTAV.exe". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Update: to get my GTA 5 to run normally again, I had to take all the contents of the GTA 5 folder I made and have them out of the folder and in my SteamLibrary. It wont run unless its out there and not in the folder. This seemed like an easy fix at first but I cant not figure it out.