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Sep 18, 2021
Thank you very much! I'm a 64 yr old A.F. Veteran and this past yr I canceled my Geek Squad Services at Best Buy because I fixed my DVD RW Drive ( D:) that wasn't in my file explorer -This PC , which I paid for repairs & the Admn. Command Prompt that had CBS Logs they were unable to fix this issue and tried to sell me, an external DVD player on top of that. I was informed that it could not be repaired! So I have educated myself through Technicians on the web studying and taking notes on the functions of my Lenovo 330 Laptop! Since I've learned through these Techs , I just recently installed a new Windows 10 Home Edition in my Laptop and ran a SFC/SCANNOW in my Admn Cmd Prmpt which came back No Integrity Found. I'm proud of the knowledge I've learned on the Web, but I'm trying to learn how to approach this Secure Boot Mode I'm stuck in because my arrow buttons will not let enter the areas I need to get into to do anything about. Other than that my Laptop works like a new computer! Maybe you might have some information on my situation! Sincerely, Henry Jr. A.F. Veteran
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Mar 10, 2016
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