Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221 for hp g60-120us windows xp free downloa


Jun 1, 2011
I have lost audio driver on my hp laptop,model of Hp G60-120us notebook pc,for windows xp.
can you please help me!
Hello zakaria07;

Your HP G60-120US did not come with Windows XP installed, did it?
It seems strange you could lose something (Conexant HD SmartAudio 221 XP driver) when you never had it to begin with?


If you removed Vista or Windows 7 then installed XP instead i highly recommend you reinstall the version of Windows that came with your laptop.

To do that you have two options:
1) RESTORE the backup version already on your hard drive, or
2) contact HP and have them send you restore disks.

*Before restoring you need to carefully backup all files, passwords, e-mail etc you need. Also write down all the programs you have so you can restore.

If possible, I'd do it this way:

1) Get a new hard drive on sale. I saw a 500GB WD Scorpio Black on sale for only $60.
2) backup everything you can think of while waiting
3) contact HP and get the Restoration discs
4) Swap hard drives and install Windows from the HP Restoration discs
5) do all updates etc.

*Keep the old hard drive in case you forgot something so you can easily stick it in and get it again. Once satisfied you can get a 2.5" SATA USB case and use it for backing up files.

Many new hard drives are using a new way of formatting which sometimes has issues with CLONING from an older drive. A fresh installation is recommended anyway, but necessary in this case.

There is a HUGE difference in the speed of laptops when switching to Solid State Drives. There is no cloning issue, though you still should get the original Vista or Windows 7 discs and reinstall them. The 120GB OCZ Vertex 2 is an awesome drive and can be found at NCIX for about $200, sometimes cheaper on sale (that's expensive compared to a hard drive but many are prepared to pay the price).

1) try the HD audio drivers someone found, if they don't work you may be able to go to "Device Manager..." and "rollback" the drivers if the original ones are still there they might work again

2) recommend reinstalling the original operating system from the HP installation discs for your laptop (contact them)

3) Consider a new hard drive if your present laptop is older than two years

4) optional: consider an SSD if your laptop feels sluggish and you don't mind the money (check the size of your C-Drive)