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  1. J

    Solved! conexant smartaudio does not show up after cloning to SSd intel

    No sound. I cloned my T420 Win 7 Pro to a Intel ssd5 sound,video and game controllers are there on the old drive but not on the cloned new drive. (redone 4 times) Everything else works fine.
  2. T

    Solved! Headset microphone not working with Conexant SmartAudio HD

    Hi there, This issue is one that has bugged me for quite a while now. Recently I acquired a HyperX Cloud Alpha headset, with intention to use it with my laptop. However, as with previous headsets, the microphone attached to the headset does not work when inserted into the 3.5 mm combined audio...
  3. A

    no device found

    i accidentally deleted conexant smart audio in the device manager..whenever i install driver downloaded from the internet it says cannot install no device found.please help me to fix stuck
  4. G

    System picks up PC-sound as extra mic signal while in combojack

    So, i have ASUS K501UX, it comes with combojack and Conexant SmartAudio HD auidosystem. I used to talk via built-in microphone, and about three weeks ago i've got a combojack splitter for mic and audio from China. After that, my pals and teammates began complaining that they can hear everything...
  5. F

    Mic is set to default (in-built) even if i have a headset attached

    i have a lenovo z5070 that uses a conexant sound card i have a steelseries siberia v2 that has a mic i use an adapter for the 2 pins of my headset cuz my lappy has only one port but it seems like whenever i plug that in the sound comes through the headphone but the laptop always uses the...
  6. W

    Audio Issues; Hardware Unidentified, Unplugged.

    A few days ago, the sound on my brother's laptop (which I am currently borrowing) 'went'. I was playing a game, sitting relatively still, it flickered for a few seconds, and then nothing. I have been trying since then to fix it. I am frustrated beyond all hell – I've never been this stuck with a...
  7. J

    Conexant Smartaudio HD, microphone keeps setting the volume on it to 0

    On my Toshiba Sattelite, no matter what I have done the blasted mic won't keep itself at a volume. At random intervals (1 second to 2 minutes) my microphone will adjust the volume to 0. I have uninstalled it multiple times, I have ensured no apps can control it, and I have checked every forum I...
  8. R

    External Microphones not detected in Windows 10, Conexant SmartAudio HD

    Hello, I have a Lenovo G50-70 laptop with Windows 10. The audio driver is Conexant SmartAudio HD and the latest version available on Lenovo's website is This latest version is installed on the system The Laptop is unable to detect any external microphones connected to the system...
  9. S

    Conexant smartaudio problem

    Hey guys, i got a windows 10 64bit laptop it uses conexant smartaudio by default. But the sounds with it are broken its so bad quality.... İf i uninstall it and use high defenation audio device(it auto install that after i uninstall conexant) the sounds are just fine but the problem is that my...
  10. A

    Conexant Smart Audio driver settings don't save.

    Here is a video of my problem: The problem is that I am using Headphones not a Headset so i dont have an external microphone. When the audio driver settings are set to Headset it is trying to use external mic but I only have a internal one. I know that when its set...
  11. A

    Lenovo Z50-70 Conexant Audio Driver Problem

    I started having this issue a long time ago but didn't bothered me that much, but now it does, a lot. I have issues with my audio driver. There are two cases ( with or without driver). 1.With Driver -Only speakers appears in playback devices, even if i connect headphones too -No sound...
  12. L

    Sound does not play on my TV when hooked with my PC

    I have a Toshiba laptop with Conexant SmartAudio HD speaker, and it is the only speaker in my sound system. When hooked the laptop to my Samsung TV, the sound played on the TV for a while, then the sound stopped from playing on my TV, and is no playing only on my laptop. My OS was Windows 7...
  13. R

    Conexant smartaudio HD - driver problem after windows update, no sound

    Hi, sorry if I've started this thread in the wrong place - I've never needed to request help with a computer problem before. I have a Lenovo G510 running windows 8.1 64 bit, bought about 6 weeks ago. Installed windows updates earlier today, including an optional one for the conexant audio...
  14. XelonHun

    Sound Card driver update issue "data invalid"

    Hi there! I need some help with my sound card driver! Just a week ago,when I started my computer up I noticed that It wasn't playing any sounds. So I messed around with the driver,looked for solutions online but nothing helped.I tried to install the driver provided by my notebook's manufacturer...
  15. S

    Conexant high definition smartaudio driver for windows xp

    Hello, hello
  16. Z

    Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221 for hp g60-120us windows xp free downloa

    I have lost audio driver on my hp laptop,model of Hp G60-120us notebook pc,for windows xp. can you please help me!
  17. T

    Solved! Win 7 audio driver mx7525

    Please help . I can not find conexant audio driver for gateway mx7525 . Thank you much.
  18. G

    Solved! Conexant high definition smartaudio 221 problem

    Loud feedback through speakers with Windows 7 on HP 6707 laptop
  19. M

    Conexant High Definition Audio

    Hi everybody, I've a packard Bell easynote SJ51 and turned to WIN XP 64 bit for better performance (indeed it is better tahn vista!) unfortunately I cannot find a driver for my usb audio device which is a Conexant High Definition Audio. I can only find the driver for VISTA OS, which isn't...
  20. G

    No audio output decive is installed

    i have a hp laptop with Conexant HD audio, and i get the no audio output device is installed, i tried reinstalling the driver but i get an error, also when in the device manager it does not show up, even under disabled. Any ideas? i cant get my headphones to work either.