Audio Issues; Hardware Unidentified, Unplugged.


Dec 4, 2016
A few days ago, the sound on my brother's laptop (which I am currently borrowing) 'went'. I was playing a game, sitting relatively still, it flickered for a few seconds, and then nothing. I have been trying since then to fix it. I am frustrated beyond all hell – I've never been this stuck with a computer problem, although I have to admit, laptop's are stupid compared to PC's.

The problem in detail:

The laptop has no sound whatsoever. Troubleshoot, useless as is it, pretends to do something, and then does nothing, and decides it has no idea what the problem is. The laptop gives the error "no speakers or headphones are plugged in" at least it's correct about the headphones. I need to add here that the sound doesn't work with headphones plugged in, either. I've already tried that trick. I've also already tried the 'turning off enhancements' trick as well.

In device manager, under 'sound, video, etc' the only thing listed is 'AMD High Definition Audio Device', which upon inspection in 'playback devices' I discover is a digital display (so therefore, I assume this is my brother's TV at home, and therefore, not what I'm looking for) this is not plugged in, but as i said it's a TV, so not useful regardless.

I have tried uninstalling the AMD Hi Def thing about 12 times, disabling it, reinstalling it, installing realtek audio driver, etc. Nothing works. However - HDMI to a TV produces sound on the TV, not on the laptop though obviously.

The problem is, and excuse the caps here: THE COMPUTER CANT SEE THE HARDWARE <b>so I can't update the drivers.</b> At least, that's what I assume the problem is right now, honestly, I hope I'm wrong, because that's unfix-able for me right now.

Last ditch attempt I downloaded a driver updating program, not a super fan of them, but one did show this: (Unplugged) Conexant Smart Audio HD. I also found mention of Conexant when I tried turning off the audio setting for the computer entirely.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has any information that might help me work out how to get the laptop to work out that it's being an idiot and that whatever it thinks is unplugged is not.

I won't be going home for at least half a week to a week, and the laptop is under warranty so unfortunately if the on board card has unseated itself, I can't just fix it.

Computer Specs:
Asus AMD A6-7310 APU
Radeon R4 2.0 GHz
6GB Ram
64 Bit OS
Windows 10


Dec 4, 2016
Thank you for your reply. My brother told me about the warranty so I didn't open it, which would have been my next option. While I'm assuming this is the issue since it seems unfixable it's a giant pain in the arse since it's not really possible to send it anywhere right now since I'm not at home. If that's really the case, if anyone has any ideas on how I can get temporary sound (without using hdmi as one is not readily available where I am) that would be amazing.
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