Solved! Headset microphone not working with Conexant SmartAudio HD

Dec 25, 2018
Hi there,

This issue is one that has bugged me for quite a while now. Recently I acquired a HyperX Cloud Alpha headset, with intention to use it with my laptop. However, as with previous headsets, the microphone attached to the headset does not work when inserted into the 3.5 mm combined audio jack. The sound output to the headphones is fine, it's just the microphone that fails to work.

When I insert the combined audio jack into the laptop, both the playback and recording devices are recognised as being 'Conexant SmartAudio HD'. There is no trouble with the headphones, but the external microphone shows no reading of picking up my voice.

I have tried to overcome this issue through other means such as getting an external sound card, namely the Sound Blaster Play! 2, which when connected with the headset inserted shows up as a different device. Peculiarly, however, when the headset is connected to the Sound Blaster, the recording device named Sound Blaster Play! 2 does not receive any input, but the external laptop microphone does, meaning that all sorts of external noises (mouse clicking, keyboard presses, etc.) can be heard through it.

Something else notable is that when the headset it connected to the laptop through the 3.5 mm jack on the side, when I tap my finger on said connecter, a large thumping sound is coming through, despite the fact that the external microphone (located near the jack) is not active.

So, I suppose what I am asking is for someone to help me solve this very irritating problem. If I haven't provided enough details, I will be sure to per request.

If the port is actually a dual one (input/output), as some laptops only have output ones, then you have two options.

1. Replace the port with a better one. Which can be a tad time consuming and costly if you have to take it to someone to do the work.

or 2. Get a 3.5mm to USB adapter (they are really cheap) and connect via that. Which should would just fine.
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