Confused about buying new sound system for Turntable to Amp to Old Speakers

Jul 7, 2018
So my very old Teac JC-30 audio system just died and I want to start buying a decent sound system, but this comes with a few problems: im on a Uni student budget and i know nothing about sound systems.

I'm already set on buying a Audio Technica-LP5 turntable:

As i understand i need an amp to go with it to connect it to my old speakers, so i was looking at a Sherwood AX-50:

But here's my problem; thats effectively my entire budget. I have these old speakers that i intended to use but I don't know what the cable is? (photo attached below) Both speakers have an individual cable and i'm assuming I will need some sort of adapter to connect it to the amp?

I'm very confused about it all so any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated.
Also if this isn't the right place for this I'm sorry

Image of cable:

Image of speaker info:



The speakers use an uncommon RCA connection.
You can just lop it of and then separate the wires into two individual leads, and then bare back about 1/4" to 1/2" of the wire to connect it to the amp.
The black lead is negative, the red is positive.
Be forewarned that those speakers are quite weak and won't handle much ooomph, and they are also rated at 4 Ohms with is a somewhat low impedance than what is most typical (8 ohm). Lower impedance is harder on an amp, and the specs for your Sherwood don't claim it's okay with that.