Question connect power through battery connector?

May 7, 2019
Toshiba Satellite A500.
Situation now is AC adapter plugged in but no power reaching computer and battery will not charge.
What happend was I moved computer when using it and computer stopped.
Found a short in the cable from adapter to ac plug where it had been bent. Cut out damaged section of cable and repaired, checked output. All was OK. Plugged in restarted computer. All lights on but computer was running on battery (which has since run out) and computer was working fine. Although plugged in, battery was not charging. Removed battery and connected ac adapter but although ac adapter light showing connected no power seems to reach computer. I guess I've fried a condenser or something similar on the motherboard
So power reaches computer through battery.
Is there a connector I can get to power my computer through the battery dock? Or is this a no no?
Also, is there any way to find the broken parts and replace them myself?
Thanks for any help/advice anyone can give
If it was reaching the motherboard then the computer would turn on. If it isn't turning on, it isn't getting the power.

What you need to determine is if the power port got fried or not. It is completely possible that it did. Or that when you 'repaired' the cord for the charger, it significantly changed the amount of power that is going through it, making it not get enough to the laptop.

First. if you can find one that is of the same settings (do not use one that isn't) test another charger with the laptop. If it works fine, then you need to replace your charger. If the other one doesn't work for you either, then you need to test that the power is getting through the port and into the laptop.

If you don't feel comfortable doing that, then I would suggest taking it to a local tech.
May 7, 2019
thanks for the reply.
Borrowed an adapter with exactly same out (volts and amps ) but no go.
How do I test the power in to the laptop?
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