Question Connect receiver to pc

Feb 22, 2019
Hello guys, i need your help.
I tried a couple of ways to connect my receiver to my pc, but i cant hear any sound.

Computer specs: motherboard rog strix z370-h gaming

Receiver: pioneer vsx-330-k 5.1 3d ready
Speakers: Pioneer 5.0 s-slt200
Subwoofer: Pioneer s51w

i atached some links with photos of the motherboard plugins, receiver plugins and monitor plugins.
Please help me assemble my audio system:)
I dont know what to do... I tried listening to audio with 2 speakers connected, i didnt connect all 5 and the subwoofer.
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Feb 22, 2019
Hi guys, can you help me to connect the receiver to my pc?

I cant hear any sounds, is there a way to connect the receiver to pc without connecting the receiver to a tv?
motherboard z370h gaming rog strix
receiver pioneer vsx 330 k 5.1
speakers pioneer 5.0 s-slt200
subwoofer s-51w pioneer
i posted some pics, please help me connect my audio system.

I have optical, hdmi, jack, but i dont know to connect it to the pc...
Feb 16, 2019
You have a couple of options with your equipment.
The SPDIF optical audio port on the motherboard I/O panel. This outputs digital audio for surround sound to your receiver. You have one optical port on your receiver, labeled "TV" and your receiver's inputs are very limited. If you do this, enable digital output (SPDIF) from your PC sound settings. If you just want stereo (L+R) only, very simple...connect a stereo 3.5mm to RCA cable from the "LINE OUT" port on your MOBO and the RCA end (L/R) to one of the 3 audio inputs on your receiver and then select that input; CD for example. The analog (line out) audio port should be enabled by default on your MOBO.
Feb 22, 2019
i made it, i connected the receiver like i connected my tv to the pc. Through my rtx 2080. it works so nice, pff the best sound i ever had.
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