Connect Surround Sound Speakers Thru Laptop - How to?

Dec 30, 2018
Hi there,
My hometheatre unit took a nose dive. I would like to use my existing five surround sound speakers plus one sub woofer with my laptop. Is there some unit I can buy which will allow me to plug these speakers into something then into laptop etc...? Thank you very much.
So u need surround processor, and your laptop most likely has an HDMI hookup (so no old equipment wo HDMI). Unfortunately am not up to date on this, am guessing u are looking for a $30 fix and I only know the $hundreds.
Dec 30, 2018

We live in South America so I can't just get another old Panasonic home theatre from ebay or send my broke unit in for repair anywhere. I also cant afford to buy a whole new theatre with speakers and all as electronics here are super expensive.
So I am hoping there is some kind of stand alone unit that I can simply plug my speakers into and then plug the unit into my laptop (which does have HDMI).
So even if the cost of this mystery unit a bit, it would be the solution for me.
Thanks for any advice.

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