Connecting Dell 5.1 speakers for PC to a TV

Matthew Webb

Aug 9, 2014
Hi all. First as always, if another thread has dealt with/ solved this one already, please feel free to slap my wrist and direct me to the appropriate thread.

I've got an old Dell 5650 5.1 speaker system, and I'd like to know if there's a cheap way to hook it up to my TV.

I don't have a audio receiver/ amp yet, and while I'll get one at some point, if there's a cheap, quick and dirty way to run sound from my TV's digital audio out or headphone audio out jack, it would be a nice little fill-in in the interim.

Here's what the leads look like on the Dell woofer. The ports running vertically down the RHS are Dell's custom ports for outgoing leads to the satellite speakers. The tricolour male jacks would normally go into a PC sound card, using the c/sub, front R/L and rear R/L ports:

But there's nowhere near that level of splitting options on the TV, just digital audio out and headphones out.

I found this product one time on the internets:

Would said product to the trick?

If not, is there another product that would do it?

Thanks all.