Connecting FinePix s1500


Aug 14, 2012
I am trying to connect my FinePix S1500 to my computer - custom build using XP SP3. When I connect (using USB), the "found new hardware" and "ready to use" prompts appear. However, the camera does not appear in "my computer" and does not appear as an option for any importing software (windows fax and picture viewer, FinePix Veiwer, etc). The autoplay selection does not appear.

The camera worked fine before I did a clean install of XP SP3. The port operates normally with a flash drive (not a port problem). The camera appears in "device manager" under "imaging devices" (all good) and says the driver is updated and "working properly", but the camera does not appear in "my computer" or "scanners and cameras". If I choose "add a device" in "scanners and cameras" there is a long delay, and then I am not able to select the camera from the list of Fuji products provided.

I have unistalled/installed the driver.
I have unistalled/installed the device.
I have uninstalled/installed the software that came with the camera, but I don't think it actually included any drivers, just FinePix Viewer.
I can not adjust autoplay options because the camera does not appear in "my computer"
I have adjusted settings on WIA because I thought it might be interfering.

The camera works on my laptop, running Win7.

I have tried everything I can think (read) of, but no change. After the camera is connected the first time, there is a long lag when I try and open "my computer" or "scanners and cameras", while the computer searches.... for something.

I am afraid my only remaining option is to reinstall SP2 (which is where I believe the basic windows drivers are installed from), but I have got everything else back from my clean install of XP and really don't want to go through that all again.

Your enlightened guidance is appreciated. My user's manual gives helpful suggestions like "make sure the camera is turned on"....


Are the pictures stored on internal memory or an SD card? If it is internal memory try this:
"Restart the computer. Connect the camera (switched off) to the computer with the lead, do this directly, not through any USB hubs. Turn the camera on to the 'view pictures' setting. The computer should see it. Check in 'My Computer', it should have added it as a storage drive, and you should be able to access the files directly. I always find this method better than using the Finepix program. Hope this helps." The text was copied from:
If the pictures are stored on the SD card and you have a card reader you could try inserting the SD card into the card reader and you should be able to import directly from the card.
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