Connecting Game Chair with Surround Sound to PC


Jan 4, 2013
Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me with this...

I recently received a sim racing seat/rig as a gift (Viper SR600) and I am trying to connect it to my PC to take advantage of the built in speakers when I run iRacing.

The rig comes with left/right rear speakers (top of the seat, behind your head) and left/right front speakers (by the pedals), and a subwoofer in the seat itself... assuming there's also another speaker in there for the center channel, but not really sure...

I am not great with audio, so hoping I am just missing something. Small cables run through the tube frame of the rig and connect together (two sets of cables from the front speakers connect to two cables in the middle of the frame, and then three sets of cables connect to each other at the back of the seat base). On the side of the seat, there is a line in jack, a line out jack, and an AC power jack.

My computer's sound card is capable of 7.1 surround sound. I have on the back of the PC 6 1/8" jacks.... gray, black, orange, green, blue and pink. The manufacturer of the seat provided me with one male/male stereo cable, and a stereo to two female RCA adapter.

In order to get the surround sound (L/R rear and front, plus center and sub), I need to have three lines coming out of my PC, right? So how do I take those three lines coming out of the PC and put them into one 1/8" stereo jack in the seat?

I am so confused! Thanks for any help!
You are not confused. The chair does not seem to be wired for surround sound. It probably only has a 2 channel amp in it (the sub powered off this too) and would need 5 channels for surround sound so they did not put in the connectors. You could modify it to do this by making the connections at the points where they are still separate but you would need amplifiers for each speaker.


Jan 4, 2013
Thanks! I thought this was the case, but good to hear from an expert to confirm it. At first I was having issues getting the front speakers to work at all, but after many tries configuring my PC... I was able to get it going. Not true surround sound, but guess it wasn't meant to be.


Mar 27, 2008
One thing you might want to consider is maybe using dolby pro logic or another dsp that simulates surround sound. It would probably be easier than taking the thing a part and dealing with cheap wiring and amping the other set of speakers.
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