Connecting Laptop To Projector


Sep 1, 2013
Hi All

First post
I am having a puzzling issue regarding the connection of a notebook to a projector.

HP Probook 6570B
Windows 7 64 bit
AMD Radeon HD 7570M
Resolution 1366 x 768

EB-470 (Epson) Brand new

When I connect the laptop (via VGA) to the projector, there is a blinking on both screens. Windows flashes on either screen for 1 sec and then a black screen flickers on either screen for 1 sec (this cycle repeats permanently until VGA cable is removed). During this time windows emits the audio it usually does when connecting an external device.

Note: A message is displayed intermittently on the projector: Not supported H 54.49 kHz, V 70.09Hz

However when I use the ‘connect to projector’ software on windows the duplicate function will display perfectly on the projector. (The extend function has the same issue as above).

How can I configure the laptop/projector so that when I connect the VGA into the laptop, the image will display on the projector automatically?
And how can I get the extend function to work on the projector?



Aug 5, 2009
Without looking at the details of your pc and projector......

".....when I use the ‘connect to projector’ software on windows the duplicate function will display perfectly on the projector....."

So the above works no problems? (even though it doesn't operate 100% automatically).

Am I correct in assuming you are trying to 'extend' your desktop to include the projector screen (i.e. be able to use the laptop screen + (extended) projector screen at the same time), and that you are not looking for the desktop clone method to your projector (as you can do)?

Carefully check your laptop video output settings page/s (e.g. right-click desktop and check the appropriate gfx settings pages)
Additionally, your projector would need to be able to accommodate the pc's signal....does it have an automatic method of adjusting to the input signal? Do you need to match the resolutions/screen sizes?

A bit of trial and error is normally all that is needed.
Your projector is 1024x768 4:3 aspect ratio and your laptop is 1366x768 16:9 aspect ratio so you would need to be able to set the laptop to output the correct signal to each display. Check the control for your video drivers and see if you can adjust it. If not you can try software such as Display Fusion to accomplish this.