Connecting LG 4k TV, 4k set top box and LG home theater system


Oct 16, 2016
Hi Guys,

Please help me here. My main objective is to get 5.1 channel surround sound while watching movies using my set top box.

I am from India, mentioning this as the tv home theater and satellite channels may/may not be available or popular in some parts of the world.

I use a LG 4k tv; model is LG 42UB820T. The Home theater i use is LG LHB 625 and i also have a tata sky 4k set top box. The TV and set top box were purchased in 2015 whereas the home theater was purchased a few months back.

The way i have connected all of the above systems are as below

The HDMI from my set top box is connected to the HDMI #3 port of the tv. The HDMI #2 port of the TV (also the arc port) is connected my home theater.

In the user settings, under sound, i have the following options to choose for sound output through HDMI- PCM, Dolby Digital and Dobly Digital Plus. I have selected DD+ among this.

In the TV, under sound settings, i have selected "sound output through HDMI/ARC" as Auto.

In the sound settings menu of the home theater: the sound output, i have selected "Auto". I have option of PCM and DTS Re-encode.

I am getting 5.1 channel sound output is what i feel. The dialogues comes from front speakers and the rear speakers generate mostly the background/filling music.

Is this the best way to connect. I have read many places that PCM is better than DD+. But when i keep the options as PCM, i do get louder sound, but it doesnt provide 5.1 channel. All of the speakers produce the same out put and i cant really distinguish between dialogues and background sound.