Connecting LG ultrawide monitor to Lenovo Thinkpad

Jul 3, 2018
Hello everyone. I'd really appreciate a bit of direction...

I'm on a Lenovo X1 Carbon (2013 version)

It doesn't have a HDMI connection (probably true for all models).

I want to hook up LG 21:9 UltraWide Monitor ...

To make the connection, i purchased a LogiLink "Mini DiplayPort 1.2V to HDMI Adapter" cable.

So the ingredients are:

- the X1 Carbon thinkpad

- the LG ultra wide monitor

- the LogiLink HDMI adapter

These 3 don't play nicey nice though.

The cables are all well maintained and in good condition and, even though the monitor was purchased nearly a year ago, sadly (because of the problem I'm now here seeking help for), it has less than 40 hours of usage time logged.

The connection is made and the laptop can extend the screen to the monitor (my preferred usage, though I'll settle for making it the primary if that solution would work).

After some random X time (possibly single digit minutes, at best 20-30 minutes), it will glitch and jump out and then spend 20-60 seconds trying to fix itself ...

In short, it's not workable.

I don't think it's a hardware issue. And I believe the 3 hardware items should play well together.

Or is the monitor too wide (ie: tough for the X1 to handle it's wide resolution?) ...

Is there a more reliable cable link vs this Mini DisplayPort HDMI adapater?

Or is it a driver issue? Or software issue?

My end goal is to make use of an extra monitor and preferably a wide (or "ultrawide") to maximize screen width... but I need it without the constant interruption and frequent glitch /crashing.

Please and THANK YOU.

- Rob
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