Connecting projector to a sound system ,urgent

Ray Redha

Mar 24, 2016
projectors and ports are really difficult for beginners such as me ,
anyway i have a simple question , and i desperately need your help please
because i am running out of time in case i want to cancel the order

i ordered a projector LG PW800 "
picture of all the ports from the back

and i ordered LG DH6530t sound system it have a dvd player
this is the picture of all the ports from the back

how iam planning to use them
both " dvd player from the sound system / projector " have usb ports
i am not planning to get near the projector usb at all
since the dvd player with the sound system have a usb port
with all of that being said ,

how i can connect my projector to the sound system ?
in a way that i will see the video from the projector
and hear the audio from the sound system ?

my idea was to buy hdmi to hdmi cable " since its transmit audio "
and put it between the sound system hdmi port and the projector hdmi port
and the usb will be inside of the dvd player " not the projector "

therefor i should have the video going from the dvd player usb to the projector
and in case the audio went along with the video i can mute my projector
and i can still hear everything from the sound system right ?

i want the projector as a display unite only
and the sound system to be the read and write stuff
would it work this way ?
thanks .

Ray Redha

Mar 24, 2016

thank you so much
what got me confused that the projector have a built in speakers ,
so i thought when i connect the hdmi to the projector its going to automatically disable the sound from the sound system speakers , thanks for making things clear


Dec 14, 2016
Did they work for you Ray? I have a Sony BluRay Surround Sound system hooked up with HDMI cable. When I switch the Progector input to TV so I can watch regular TV, the sound does not go to the surround sound system it will only use the speakers on the projector (which these are horrible speakers).

How can I get that to work properly?
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