Question Connecting satellite service to old coax TV?

Feb 27, 2019
Want to get satellite TV and ditch the old cable service. I have a very old TV, doesn't even have RCA input, just the old coax socket. I gather there are adapters out there but don't know what I would need to get. Can I get a satellite dish (Canadian service, if that makes a difference) and connect it to the old TV? What is the proper terminology for the adapter I would need?
(Please do not suggest "just get a new TV"... hemorrhaging money after a recent death in the family and looking for a cheaper option.)
Feb 27, 2019
You'll probably need to think about getting some form of digital converter box or set-top box, because your TV receives analog signals only (if older than 2009). This is regardless of whether you get a satellite dish or OTA TV antenna. I don't have satellite TV myself, but understand that normally the satellite service would provide this to you.
The antenna coaxial cable (whether dish or OTA antenna) would plug into the digital converter box. Next question is how to get the output of the converter box into your TV... these days digital boxes have HDMI output to the TV, so your TV would need HDMI input (which I'm assuming yours doesn't).

So you'd need to get some kind of HDMI-to-coax adapter (I'm assuming). Probably would look like some little box... Anyway hope this helps.
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