Question Connection Guidance Needed

Apr 7, 2020
I REALLY could use some simple instructions to hook up 'my stuff'.
A lightning strike took out my old (really OLD) Onkyo Stereo Receiver, which I replaced last week with a Sony.
I have Directv and a Vizio SmartTV with 'built-in' Netflix and Amazon (among others, which I don't use).

My equipment:

Vizio E43-F1 TV (3 HDMI spots, one says ARC)
Directv Receiver HR24
Sony Receiver STR-DH590

Which cable would go where to be able to use the Directv Receiver through the Sony Receiver, AND which cable would go where to be able to use Netflix/Amazon through receiver? It sure has me dumbfounded.

Right now, I have the Directv hooked directly to Sony via HDMI. And Sony to TV via HDMI in SAT/CATV IN.
Directv works fine. I can't get Netflix/Amazon to work...

Thanks for your help! Please speak down to me, in your simplest terms! :)
Connect the HDMI-ARC output of the receiver to the HDMI-ARC input on the TV, Turn on ARC in the TV menu. You may have to turn off the TV speakers as well.
Then check the receiver manual on how to use ARC as one of your inputs.
You could also use the digital audio output of the TV to one of the digital audio inputs on the receiver. Again it would require set up.
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