Contact lens solution to clean screen


Aug 27, 2012
I used contact solution on a soft cloth to gently wipe my laptop screen. It seems to have worked really well. Is this dangerous for my screen? It's just a basic soft lens contact solution.


Oct 10, 2012

I am not real sure if this is problematic or not. Sorbitol is good for locking in moisture, so I don't think it would hurt your screen. However, I do know that eyewear with nickel should not come in contact with contact solution for prolonged periods, so not sure if this is bad considering your type of screen. Tromethamine, however, you should do some research, I am not sure it would harm your screen, but I can't tell you that it won't either. Honestly, I would just stick with water, until you can research each ingredient in your contact solution. All that glitters is not gold... plan accordingly with this stuff as a screen cleaner.
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