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Feb 26, 2019
The Smartwatch I bought for my wife has started to cause a rash where the (Copper?) charge contacts touch her skin.
Is there anything that can cover (removable for when she needs to charge the watch or perhaps permanent like nail varnish) over the electrical charge contacts that will stop them having contact with her skin but still allow the watch to function correctly and collect data and still charge up.
She has had this before with an ordinary watch buckle that wasn’t Gold - I suspect Nickle may be the culprit?
I’ve had some thoughts, spelt out below, on possible solutions. Has anyone got any views or ideas about this issue please:-
(1) Some sort of plastic cover that can be removed for charging or even stays in place but still allows charging without removal (e.g. wireless charging?)
(2) Gold plate the charge terminals?
(3) Nail Varnish applied over the terminals - will it still be able to charge?
(4) Any other methods that might work?

I know you can also get a rash just from wearing the watch during exercise from dried salt deposits from sweat trapped under the strap, but I’m pretty certain it’s the 2 (Copper?) charge points on the back of the watch touching her skin that are causing the problem.
Any ideas or solutions to prevent this from happening to her skin would be greatly appreciated.
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