Toshiba Satellite L755-144 New battery problem.

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Jul 16, 2018
Hello everybody, I hope you 're well.

Recently I got my wife's laptop out of the cupboard as she wanted to start using it again. We got her an iPad so the laptop went in the cupboard and was forgotten about until my wife wanted to watch a DVD but couldn't on the iPad.

Here is a link to Toshiba's site with my wife's laptop specs:

Upon powering on the laptop we found that the battery is faulty. The battery is holding a charge but nothing like a full charge.

I bought a new battery from Amazon, it is not an official battery.

I put the battery on the laptop and left it for 12 hours to charge without thinking about it.
Going back to the laptop I found that the orange battery light is flashing, I try to power it on but it won't power on at all with this new battery.
The weight of the battery has changed after charging so I think it has charged but the laptop won't recognise it I'm thinking.

I have tried taking the battery and power adaptor off then holding he power button for 30 seconds, I felt everything try to turn on so I guess the residual power discharged. The battery still won't work.

To be thorough:
I reinstalled Windows 7 fresh.
I can get power and use Windows on the laptop with just the power adaptor or the old battery.

Has anyone got any idea what's going on here?

Thanks for any replys in advance.



1| Reinstall the battery, making sure the battery is properly seated and see if you can power up.
2| See if you can power up the laptop while the power brick is plugged into the wall socket and you're connected to the laptop.
3| You could also contact Amazon and ask them for a replacement for the battery. Often times batteries like these come faulty.
You should also know, that the battery shouldn't be charged for 12 hours, it's rather done within 8hrs.

On hindsight, with the battery plugged in, at first attempt(with the new battery) you should've tried to power up the laptop. The battery comes with a minimal charge at the time of delivery.
Jul 16, 2018
I've done that, I mentioned it in my question.
I can get power with the original, faulty battery and hen the power brick/adaptor is plugged in without a battery connected.
As soon as I connect the new battery the laptop refuses to power on.

Is there a reply button that I can't see?
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