continuous pressing of keyboard later 'c'


Aug 24, 2015
it all started yesterday after removing the USB from my lenovo laptop, the later Q started pressing itself without stopping and when i tried to change the Operating System Q stopped and later C started to press itself.
Any one with the help i will be grade to receive the help
model is lenovo G580
exaple of how it does qqqqqqqqqqqqqqq... without stoping that even entering login password becomes an issue
Hello kamsnelte

If you are sure that you haven't spilled any liquid on your keyboard or in case of external keyboard the keyboard is connected properly (disconnecting the keyboard > restarting the PC > reconnecting the keyboard would help), you may want to check if the Sticky Keys are configured properly.

Learn How to Disable or Enable Sticky Keys.

As mentioned above, if you are sure that the problem is not related to hardware and the Sticky Keys are configured correctly as well, Restoring Your Windows 7 Back to an Earlier Restore Point or Restoring Your Windows 8 Back to an Earlier Restore Point (when you believe your PC worked fine) would resolve the issue.

Hope this helps. :)