Control Your SLR Camera Using a Nintendo DS

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Jan 30, 2006
I guess I just don't understand the WHY of this idea.

My wife is a photographer and all of her Nikon SLR's can do time exposure's that last as long as the battery will hold out.

We have wireless shutter controls that cost all of $7 on ebay. And she just keeps a laptop in the car (with an inverter) for when she needs to show clients the "big picture," can't do that with a DS, screen's too low quality. So other than the geek factor, which is indeed cool, I can't understand the usefullness of this.

And what's with "controlling standard shooting"? Never read the manual on your canon to know how to do things in it's menu's? I can get any function or setting on my Nikon's within a matter of seconds, maybe it's a canon thing.....
Not open for further replies.