Core i3 4th generation OR APU Quad core


Dec 20, 2014
Hi Guys,

I'm confused between two laptops.



What I'll do? :
I need a laptop for my daily office work mainly working on MS Excel and Online work on e-commerce website. I'm clear about one of my requirement i.e. 4GB RAM.

Please suggest which one is better!! Thanks.
No CPU models are given. Given the low price of the HP I would say it has the A8-6410 APU.

The A8-6xxx APU's processing power is basically equal to the 4th generation Core i3. However, the integrated Radeon R5 graphics core is about as powerful as an Intel HD 4200. That makes it is bit less powerful than the Intel HD 4400 in the Core i3 CPU. Therefore, the Compaq 15-s008TU is generally better for games.