Core Temps High


Aug 22, 2013
I own a Toshiba Satellite P755-S5265 laptop, purchased almost 3 years ago. Recently, it randomly started locking up and occasionally shutting down. I figured it was time to clean it and sure enough, the heatsink was clogged with dust.

After cleaning the heatsink pins and the fan with compressed air, the problem is still there. Using CoreTemp, the idle core temperature is sitting around 57 to 60 degrees Celsius, hitting almost 80 to 85 C when starting a program such as Word or the like.

I replaced the fan, and still nothing. I have noticed the heatsink stays cool to the touch even when the temperatures reach into the 80s. I haven't removed the heatsink since I don't have a tube of thermal paste sitting around but at this point, I'm up for anything.