Core2duo vs AMD turion 64x2


Jun 13, 2015
I have two laptops:

Core2duo 2.0ghz
windows xp 32 bit (I like it. missing features sure but you can't beat that ram usage...may upgrade in the future)
3,000 rpm stock drive
3.25gb of DDR2 ram (3.5 due to 32 bit and 256mb shared with video card)
945GM video card with 256mb (struggles streaming 1440p)

AMD athlon 1.6ghz (waiting for my turion 2.2 to get here)
windows 10 enterprise
5000rpm stock drive
4gb DDR2
HD3200 with 128 or 256mb dedicated (haven't really looked at it yet)

My questions are: What computer will perform better?

the turion clock for clock is slower than the core2duo but has a higher base clock speed. (and makes less heat than the original so slight overclock possibility?)

I haven't found hard data to compare the two video cards but my guess is that the 3200 will slaughter the old 945.

so should the AMD perform better? even with windows 10? (Man i wish i could just jam one of my spare desktop processors in there...)

my second question is that in CPUz the AMD shows up as having 4 ram slots. the chipset supports four at up to 8gb total. but inside the ram compartment there are only two slots. does that mean they just left the "pins" (Not sure what to call it on a BGA) disconnected?


Depends on the usage and it might not matter with everyday stuff. The core 2 is better but the hd3200 is better.,4388.html The 945 chipsets have the gma 950 which in the chart is second to last and the hd 3200 is a bit higher up. You're still talking very low end parts but it's a big enough difference to matter. Windows version shouldn't make a worthwhile difference. I'm kinda skeptical about a 3k rpm hdd, they were not the norm at that time and most were 5400rpm. If that is the case, that may make the decision as most of the time you are waiting for a slow hdd.

The mobo might have a space for them but either way, you aren't going to add more slots.


Jun 13, 2015

Ran benchmarks.

started with CPU-Z

Core2duo: T7200 i believe.
287 single thread
263 multi thread

AMD Turion 64 x2 : TL-64
357 single thread
654 multi thread

wow that is quite a nice boost. I have always heard and read that AMD is less effecient that intel (But the again the C2D is older and 200mhz slower. i may underclock the amd to the same speed for a test sometime.) Still doesn't beat my desktop at over 2k

also ran some other tests and even at a lower clock speed the amd beats the intel. the real boost is another GB of ram and the video card. hard drive is a good bit faster as well.

I feel like the $15 i spent on the turion was worth the upgrade from the intel laptop.