Corrupted bios, black screen, keyboard not working. Please help!


Nov 13, 2014
Hello everybody.

I have been having some issues with my Toshiba Satellite C855D-135 laptop. I had to change my internal hard drive, so I decided to install windows 7 on it (I used to have windows 8 but don't have the CD and I couldn't find the licence key sticker.),
So I went into the BIOS to switch it from UEFI to CSM, but something went wrong at that point and it seems to have corrupted the bios.
I think I have bricked it, but some things still work.

When I turn it on:
- the screen stays black (Yes, I have tried it on a different screen)
- the keyboard doesn't seem to be working (the leds don't turn on when I press caps lock)
- the fan works fine
- cd reader works fine
- When I plug in a USB stick, it flashes quickly once, so that seems to be working
- When I removed the memory bar, the computer did it's series of beeps

I tried removing the battery, unplugging it and pressing on the power button for ages. (no luck)
I have tried removing the CMOS battery to revert the bios to default. (no luck)
I tried flashing the bios on a USB stick, until I realised the keyboard wasn't working and that it was all in vain.
I tried putting the bios update on a CD, and it spun for a while, but nothing happened in the end. I tried putting these files on the CD:

- C8610.FD (in the Win8 folder)
- C610.FD (in the WIN7 folder)
- I tried renaming C8610.FD to BIOS.FD

I have run out of ideas now.
Could anybody help me? Pretty please?
I hope it's not the motherboard that's broken, coz I really don't have enough money to send it off to be repaired.


Nov 13, 2014
This weekend I tried replacing the memory and that didn't help.

I tried renaming C8610.FD to C8610.bin and BIOS.bin and that didn't work either. (on a CD)

Does anyone have an idea what I could do next or do you think I have no choice but to replace the motherboard?
Is there a special way to put things on a CD for it to be bootable?
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