Could anyone offer insight on wireless and wired headsets?


Nov 24, 2014
Hello everyone!

For the past two years I've used a pair of ROCCAT Kave 5.1 XTD headphones, which have been great, but they, like every other pair of headphones I've owned, eventually die because the copper wire breaks in the cord from getting caught and pulled.

I thought that the solution would be a wireless headset and so I began researching them. There seems to be a number of options, but I also run across people that have had bad experiences with wireless headphones. Many gamers complain about delays between an action being done and the sound playing, which would seem like a deal-breaker to me, but others have not mentioned anything about it.

Could you guys offer me some insight from your experiences with wired and wireless headsets? Is the sound quality less or delayed? Is there any disadvantage beyond charging them from time to time?
Why not just get something like the HD518/558/598 that has a detachable cable and high quality? You'll never have to buy another pair.

As for wireless, there's two types, but in general the latency is higher, though not generally an issue. For bluetooth/other digital wireless systems, ADC quality on cheap headphones might lower auidio quality.