Crash on Acer Screen.... Crashes before being able to access bios

Apr 30, 2018
Earlier today i was transferring some files from a sdcard to Aspire 5742g, the screen blacked out all of a sudden and wouldnt come back no matter what i tried i then proceeded to restart the laptop manually but the laptop just wont boot up...... i get to the acer screen ( it shows the press f2 for setup and f12 for boot selection as usual), the led indicates that the hard drive is powering on and the fan also fires up and within 10 seconds it restarts and does the same thing over again in an endless loop. ive tried accessing bios but it wont let me... it crashes before i can even enter bios. i open the laptop up and checked that all the connections.... i then removed the hdd and tried to boot from a usb and it worked.. it didnt crash and but if i connect the hdd and then try to boot from usb it crashes before i can enter boot device selection... so basically my laptop will boot loop endlessly as long as the hard drive is connected. is there anything i can do ? i cant format the drive because when i connect the drive after booting from a usb the hdd wont get recognized nor will the led indicate its working. i want my files from the hard drive and is there anyway to restore the hard drive