Creating a custom laptop Company


Nov 24, 2016
Hello there I wanted to start my own laptop company I got every information except the case and the motherboard, I have built many custom PC's before. One of my customer asked for a laptop I did some research, everything ok CPU, GRAPHICS, RAM, STORAGE only things needed is the shell, LCD, keyboard, camera, and the disk drive, I found some information like whitebook laptop shell / barebones laptop shell but I didn't got anything, besides this I want my company logo on the laptop, and my company logo and information on the UEFI.
Please help,
My customers will be very happy if I would make up to it


Nov 11, 2013
If you're willing to buy enough the shell company (haha) will probably put your logo on them for you. As for the UEFI you'd need a custom bios chip or at least the ability to recode one, which probably isn't as hard as you'd think


Nov 24, 2016

Okay so which company should I buy from , I don't know, also I just need simple one's. Not like the Alienware
Also Which Motherboards?? I want the motherboards to fit inside the shell perfectly, so I can add graphics and other components
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