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  1. E

    Solved! Levono 6550, after turning on the screen becom black, what should I do?

    My Levono laptops: the screen become black after turn I turn it on, what shell I do to fix it? Thank you
  2. D

    Solved! Salvaging my xps 12 9q23 , new body? new screen?

    Is there a way to get a new body/shell & screen for the xps 12 9q23? It's screen broke. as usual. I might want to salvage the parts - i7, 256gb ssd, 8gb ram. I'm thinking of putting the whole motherboard, ram, and even cooling system, into a new shell that fits. Perhaps I'm crazy >< Or does...
  3. J

    Nextbook, shell, booting issues

    My ex changed my Nextbook 10.1 password. Then he tried to "fix it" and when he couldn't he attempted to do a factory reset. Now I don't know what's going on. It doesn't show the logo when turned on,. It goes straight to shell. It says fs0: is not recognized. Says that theres no map/mapping. (Not...
  4. S

    Lenovo Ideapad 710S

    I have been looking for many weeks now for a reliable hard case/shell for my Lenovo Ideapad 710s but I am struggling to find anything. Anybody in the same situation? where did you buy yours? arethe measurements of the ideapad 710s the same of another Lenovo laptop? any info would be greatly...
  5. 9

    Laptop shell C doesn't come with touchpad

    Hey guys, my toshiba satellite has broken hinges and I bought part C and D online. When they arrived, I discovered that part C doesn't come with a touchpad. The touchpad from my old shell is not removable (from what I see). Now I've assemble the parts but I can't use the touchpad. Am I scammed...
  6. J

    Fitting 850 Evo into a Dell Latitude 5580 with M.2 Drive

    My Latitude 5580 has a 500 GB M.2 Drive in it, and I thought it would have room for a 2.5" drive, but it doesn't. I was thinking of mounting the 850 evo without its shell because it's only about half the size of its shell. The attached image is not of my laptop, but of one configured with the...
  7. Rafael Mestdag

    How do I activate Wireless on Windows Server 2016? [SOLVED]

    Out of curiosity I've installed Windows Server 2016, but even following instructions on how to activate Wireless connectivity using Shell I couldn't get it to work. I always got an error message in red inside Shell. How do i activate Wireless inside Windows Server 2016? It's the only way I can...
  8. M

    I need to find a laptop shell!

    Where can I find barebones laptops?
  9. N

    Where can I buy replacement part for my laptop shell?

    Hi, I want to replace my broken case of a Clevo W550EU laptop. But all results in google search do not help as they do not have spare cases. Any ideas? help please
  10. S

    Creating a custom laptop Company

    Hello there I wanted to start my own laptop company I got every information except the case and the motherboard, I have built many custom PC's before. One of my customer asked for a laptop I did some research, everything ok CPU, GRAPHICS, RAM, STORAGE only things needed is the shell, LCD...
  11. U

    dual 1254 cartridge

    Hello. I just acquired an older dual model 1254 turntable. The cartridge is hanging loose from the head shell and i see no screws or clips with which to reattach it. This is not a typical 1/2 " inch head sheat can be removed with a collar. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Seth L

    How does the community disassemble laptops without damaging the case?

    Title. How do you guys do it? I always seem to damage the crap out of the shells when I pulled a laptop's shell apart. What do you guys use? I'm new to disassembling laptops. I use a flathead screw driver(and you guys are probably looking at this like 'this guy's dumb haha') however, I've heard...
  13. L

    asus crashed dead

    Asus sea shell series eee pc crashed during updates wont charge no lights...when it does turn on it isn't on long enough to choose what to do at reboot...or wherever its at...its not mine and need to fix what do I do? Ok I got to start charging now what wait til full charge then try to boot? I...
  14. P

    Asus Shell Laptop Keyboard not working properly

    Hi my ASUS laptop keyboard is not working properly, every time I press the tab button it will show 3, then when I press the shift tab it will show the number (#) sign, and when I press letter S the response is like a right click of the mouse, I have tried searching for the solution and I always...
  15. W

    How can I make my own laptop?

    I know some of you will say its impossible to make a laptop of your own but I don't think it actually is when other company's can make it... I just wanna know a guide on how to make a laptop on where I can purchase the shell and the rest of the other parts. I don't want another company's shell...
  16. M

    Hi, I want convert .JPG files to shell commor files as i am using JDA prospace

    I am using JDA Prospace for Planogramming. Need to convert .JPEG files to Windows Commor so that when i upload image on the UPC will be able to view in JDA
  17. A

    windows shell common dll has stopped working

    windows shell common dll has stopped working. The sound is not working
  18. M

    System Image or Web ?

    hello, i installed a windows on my new hard drive and now i need is drivers. Shell i put my old hdd in and make an system image and than install on new one or shell i install my product drivers from hp store. Which is more efficient?
  19. S

    What is Classic Shell?

    I bought a new laptop, it came with a program called Classic Shell. What is it, and do I need it in order to use my laptop?
  20. C

    Help Customize Laptop

    Hi, I want to buy a laptop but none of the store's laptop fit my budget or want. So I was thinking of building a laptop from scratch. Do you think its possible to make a gaming laptop within $300-400? What are the parts that I need and where can i get those parts? P.S. I have some experience...
  21. L

    I need a screen fixed for a 50 inch vizio flat screen

    I have a cracked screen on a 50 inch vizio flat much will I have to shell out to have the screen replaced?
  22. G

    Is there any way to repair my laptop shell plastic?

    I have an HP Pavilion dv6-6c53nr laptop. Somehow, a piece of the plastic outer shell of the laptop broke off. It is really annoying, and it is in a bad spot where it scratches my arm when I am using the laptop. However, I really am not sure how or if I can get it fixed. Do you guys think it...
  23. D

    how to fix casino shell not working for windows 8.1

    I have tried Slim Cleaner, Error End, Driver updates and so on!!!!!! but still have the same problem of every time I open my software, it says "casino shell not working " and closes the program it does this on about every program that contains casino. I do not have anymore ideas and don't want...
  24. T

    Swap GS3 Housing

    Hey all, I've got a GS3 (SPH-L710) and it's got just a few scratches and cosmetic damage to it. The major problem is the power button. It wasn't as bad about a month ago when my phone wouldn't start. Back then it turned out the button was stuck and it just kept starting and shutting off. I...
  25. A

    VBS script not running every time

    Hey, so pretty much, it is as the title states. I have set up a VBS script and it does run but not always. I have to click on it multiple times for it to work. It a script to set up a wallpaper as a background and I have it set with a task scheduler so that it changes wallpapers in relation to...
  26. M

    My hp laptop fell and the to shell is damage

    Hello, my hp laptop fell and the hard shell is in pieces where can i buy a new shell
  27. manicmike

    Root for Samsung Exhibit II 4g not working...

    After searching for literally hours, everywhere I looked pointed me towards the ZergRush Root script. downloaded it, backed up all the important info on the phone and tried to run the .bat file. it works up until... Start of Console C:\Users\Me\Desktop\ZergRushRoot>adb wait-for-device...
  28. N


  29. N

    Windows shell commor

    I'm trying to open up a file i backed up. It wont open and the properties said it opens with shell commor. What to do?
  30. exfileme

    Man Will Change Name Legally for Apple WWDC 2012 Ticket

    An unnamed developer is willing to change his/her name legally and shell out over $1600 for a WWDC 2012 ticket. Man Will Change Name Legally for Apple WWDC 2012 Ticket : Read more
  31. G

    Matching Algorithm Claim of Online Dating Sites Likely False

    Your busy professional life does not allow you to go to bars to meet a boyfriend or girlfriend, but you don't want to shell out a few grand for a dating service. Matching Algorithm Claim of Online Dating Sites Likely False : Read more
  32. G

    The Cheapest Way To Get 3D Video (Free)

    Don't want to shell out big bucks for a 3DTV? There's a cheaper, simpler way to get 3D content from your regular computer monitor. The Cheapest Way To Get 3D Video (Free) : Read more
  33. G

    A $200 Tablet You Could Actually Consider Buying

    If you simply want to keep up with the tablet craze, but you aren't willing to shell out $500 or more for an iPad or a high-end Android tablet, there are some reasonable options, such as the Pandigital Supernova. A $200 Tablet You Could Actually Consider Buying : Read more
  34. L

    Scan shell 600nr

    Hello, how do I access calibration window to get started?
  35. L

    Windows shell common dll has stopped working so i cannot access the internet

    I cannot access the internet, and I am getting an error stating 'Windows Shell Commin Dll has stopped working. How do I fix it without internet access on that computer
  36. H

    Looking for cheap(ish) decent laptop to buy w/ student loan

    So basically the laptop I have is completely beyond saving as I have been told by numerous people that I asked to repair it and I'm off to uni next saturday so I need a laptop. I'm looking for a laptop that has decent spec but isn't too expensive seeing as though my mum doesn't really have the...
  37. G

    DIY Nautilus Speakers Save Over $59,000

    This is one shell you shouldn't hold up to your ears. DIY Nautilus Speakers Save Over $59,000 : Read more
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  39. exfileme

    Sony Considering Premium PSN Subscriptions

    Although Sony plans to add cool features to the PlayStation Network, consumers may have to shell out big bucks. Sony Considering Premium PSN Subscriptions : Read more
  40. exfileme

    17-Inch PS3 Slim Laptop Looks Tasty

    It's a PlayStation 3 Slim crammed into a laptop shell. Do we want it? Yes we do. 17-Inch PS3 Slim Laptop Looks Tasty : Read more
  41. S

    SPB Mobile Shell: Any Good?

    Has any tried this app? I'm also interested in where you can get good backgrounds for its menu. Appreciate any thoughts! :D
  42. M

    Unix shell scripting

    8. Write a program to take n arguments as script parameters and output all those arguments in a file called “INPUT_PARAM.dat”. (Note: n > 9)
  43. exfileme

    Panasonic Z1 the New Kuro? $6,000 Says Yes

    Sometimes you just have to ask: who in their right mind will shell out $6k for a digital TV? Evidently there's a market, and Panasonic's Z1 fits the hefty bill. Panasonic Z1 the New Kuro? $6,000 Says Yes : Read more
  44. exfileme

    Guitar Hero World Tour Pricing Hits $239 High

    You have to be a hardcore gamer to shell out money for a title that is as expensive as a console Guitar Hero World Tour Pricing Hits $239 High : Read more
  45. F

    MSDOS Shell on XP Home

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware,comp.sys.laptops,comp.laptops,microsoft.public.windowsxp.setup_deployment,microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?) Any way to get an MSDOS shell on XP?