Creating Connection without using Connection Manager Dialog



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Hi all,

I am trying to write an app to automatically create Internet
connection settings for pocketpc 2002 using win32 api.

Assuming that there is a connection between a pocketpc and cell
phone (could be serial port, irda, bluetooth etc; as long as it
can support data communication). The application should be able
to create the connection settings without using the conn mgr

1) Can I detect the phone model and carrier with some API or using
AT commands? (This is required for determining Number to dial and
baud rate.)
2) Can I store the password somehow? It seems RasSetEntryProperties()
does not store password..I looked at the registry entries created
by connection manager and it stores password in an encrypted form.
How do I achieve the same?
3) Also RasSetEntryProperties() does not seem to be working! I tried
to get the device config buffer for "Hayes Compatible Com 1" and
used the same deviceID I get using TAPI functions.
But the dev config buffer contains some other port info. Are the
deviceIDs specified in TAPI and RAS Libraries for the same port

Thanks in advance,


Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsce,microsoft.public.pocketpc,, (More info?)


Thanks for the reply. I am able to create the required registry
entries now and also able to connect using RasDial().

But I am still stuck with the following questions:

1. How to detect a wireless carrier? (like verizon or at&t given a
phone. Is there any api for finding that out? The information is there
in the phone as the phone displays it, but I just not able to find out
how to retrieve that information from phone to pocketpc.)

2. Is there some way, I can let the connection manager know about my
connection? For example, consider this scenario, I run my program on
pocketpc, create the registry entries and exit. Now, when I open
internet explorer, it still asks me to set up a spite
of the fact that my connection registry entry already exists!! and
also my entry doesnt show up in the already existing connections list.

3. I am looking at RasAutodial functionality...But the documentation
is a bit hazy about it. does anybody have a working example and will
it solve the above problem mentioned in 2.

4. I am relatively new to posting messages...Are there any other
active groups or resources I can tap into?

Thanks again,

"Jakub Kanczugowski" <> wrote in message news:<O2qNbLkJEHA.3436@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl>...
> There already is such app for Pocket PC 2002 connection configuration from
> PC.
> Mayby this will help in some way.