Creative 5.1 sound blaster audigy FX only Fr & Centre & Sub speakers working.


Apr 8, 2016
Hi I recently bought a Creative 5.1 sound blaster audigy fx and I have tried multiple things to get the sound working through all the speakers e.g. using the playback devices options, also checking the cables and updating the drivers, but nothing helps also I know the other speakers work because originally the sound was coming out of them but not the ones it's coming out of now lol, but either way it does'nt work through all of them, I would be very greatful if anybody could help me out with this.
in playback devices select your device, configure. 5.1 has two options.. one with surround speakers and one with rear speakers. are you using the correct setting? make sure your speakers are connected to the back of the soundcard properly as well to match your settings. run a speaker test in the same window to see if they all fire. if its not in your settings there, then in your creative settings make sure its set correctly.
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