CUK MSI GE62 Apache vs ASUS GL551JW vs Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro - VN7-591G-76JG


Jul 23, 2015
I'd choose the MSI GE62. Huge SSD, huge HDD, great steelseries keyboard. Good Dynaudio speakers, redesigned 2 fan cooling system. 2 year warranty, 3 year on the CUK upgrades.

ASUS makes nice laptops, but their customer/warranty service is supposed to be pretty bad. Only a 1 year warranty (3 year on the CUK upgrades).

Always been leery of Acer's build quality. I also heard that the Nitro Series has cooling issues. You'd have to research that to find out if it's true. Also, the 4K UHD display is overkill for gaming, and you may have to turn down game settings to get it to run certain games well at native resolution. Many programs don't scale well at that resolution, either. Only 1 year warranty.