CUK MSI GS65 Stealth Thin Overheating?

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Sep 1, 2013
I recently bought a CUK MSI GS65 Stealth Thin from amazon and i think i'm experiencing thermal issues. I'm not sure if its normal for this model or maybe i have a defective laptop.
All i am doing in this screenshot is downloading a game from steam and my CPU temps are around 85-90.

Is this normal for the model or is there something wrong with the laptop. I am well withing the return period. Are there any tests or settings i can tweek which would tell me somethings wrong with either the cooling or CPU? I always thought MSI had really good cooling performance. If it is normal for this model, is it normal for other laptops in this price range too?


Sep 13, 2015
In this case it is correct. You have a barely 1 cm thick laptop with a high-performance desktop CPU ... if you keep the laptop standard, the CPU produces enough heat to heat a house. That's the reason that if I install something, update or something else do a little more CPU performance, I charge the coolerboost. In the dragon center or LEFT_CONTROL + 1.

if you want less high temperatures or want to get more out of your battery than I advise to undervolt the CPU or to switch off the Turbo boost.

Undervolten is a trickier subject, but it is quickly learned. there are enough steps to find how to undervolt a laptop. I use Trottlestop and archieved an undervolt of -0.164 V on the Core and Cache and -0.052 V on the Intel GPU.

as well as comparison:

Standard: ultra @ 100 - 120 fps
undervolt: ultra @ 150 - 180 fps.

In addition, you can switch off the turbo. This means that the CPU no longer goes to 3.8 ~ 3.9 Ghz but on standard 2.2Ghz per core. It gives enough performance but with gaming you notice it in fps.
This can be done by: start -> edit power plan -> change advanced power settings -> processor power management -> Maximum processor state -> on battery and plugged in, set them to 98%

Good luck.
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