d7200 vs d7500

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Sep 30, 2018
I'm trying to decide between two cameras. The Nikon d7200 or the d7500. I'm strongly leaning towards the d7200 due to the number of megapixels. 24mp vs 20mp. I want the best quality when enlarging images. I know the d7500 has a newer processor. Will that make a significant overall difference between the two? Dual SD card slots is also intriguing to me. And finally if the overall features are not too different, the price of the d7200. is better. Your opinions and feedback please. Thank you


Read this article first, like https://www.lightandmatter.org/2017/equipment-reviews/camera-comparisons/nikon-d7500-vs-d7200-whats-the-difference/ That will help you make a tough decision

1) You Should Buy the Nikon D7500 If…

you plan to shoot a lot of action like: sports, news events, weddings, wildlife
you plan to shoot events in a dark setting: concerts, clubs, weddings, wildlife
you need to shoot 4K video, especially telephoto, or digitally stabilized HD Video
you want to use Nikon’s SB-5000 flashes and radio trigger system
you want a touch-screen and/or articulated rear LCD

2) You Should Buy the Nikon D7200 If…

you shoot landscapes or other detail oriented genres at low ISOs, including: studio portraits, product images, still-life works
you shoot action photography but don’t need a full 10 frames per second (the D7200 is a very capable action camera)
you shoot long events (or spend a long time in the field) and want better battery life
you want to save money on the body to buy better lenses (which is what I always recommend)
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