Question decent 5.1 setup for bedroom?

May 11, 2019
Hi all,

i am currently looking into a decent 5.1 bedroom system for gaming, movies and music.

as of right now the best contenders consist of...
and sonos which would end up costing around 2.2k so not a strong contender

i already own an ms650 whis is a 3.0 samsung soundbar for my tv, i would like to incorporate it into the rest even if it is just for music and not surround sound.
I would suggest that getting an AVR and 5.1 speakers would give you better quality and flexibility than a packaged system.
AVRs would start at about $200-300 and speakers from about $350. If size is an issue Marantz has their NR series AVRs that are quite small and very good. They also have the HEOS music streaming app built in so you get similar functionality to Sono. They have new models coming out so the now discontinued models may be available at a discount.
You can't compare the power specs on prepackaged systems to AVRs. AVR specs have to comply to FTC regulation and the prepacks don't.
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