Decision between 2 Acer laptops

Apr 14, 2018
I'm currently in the market to buy a new laptop. The ones that I am looking at now are the Aspire e15 (8th gen core i7, mx150, 256gb ssd, etc.) and the Aspire 5 (same specs). The only thing that I can see different is that the Aspire 5 has ddr4 ram, and the Aspire e15 has ddr3. Also, the 5 (according to reviews) has a poor display, while the e15 has a good display. So this brings the question, is it better to have a good display, but ddr3 ram, or have a lesser quality display but ddr4 ram? Any information about these laptops/preferences would be helpful.

amazon links: Aspire 5-
aspire e15-
The difference in the RAM should be pretty minor unless you were to use the integrated GPU to play games in which DDR4 might give about 10% better performance.