Dell G7 vs XPS 15 vs Alienware 15 R4

Jul 20, 2018
Which is better Dell G7 vs XPS 15 vs Alienware 15 R4 in terms of performance and build quality?

G7 specs:

Core i7 8750H

GTX 1060 Max-Q

RAM: 16 GB

XPS 15 9570

Core i7 8750H

GTX 1050Ti

RAM: 16 GB

Alienware 15 R4

Core i7 8750H

GTX 1060 OC


(I'll be doing moderate gaming, 3D rendering and fliud simulations)

Any other suggestions are welcome (around the same price range)
Spec-wise, they're similar.

The Alienware has the strongest GPU, but lacks in memory - which is probably useful for your anticipated tasks.

The G7 would be my preference for the best "all rounder". A solid GPU in the Max-Q (doesn't fall much behind a full-fat 1060) and 16GB.

Can't speak to build quality of them directly. I know the XPS are typically well liked..