Dell inspiron 15 3521 wont turn on with new charger, lights flash on and off again


Oct 20, 2016
Dell inspiron 15-3521 not turning on issue: So i have a dell inspiron 15 3521, about a year ago, it started turning on, but wouldn't charge. Then, the battery completely died and it wouldn't turn on. Also, when i plugged the charger in, the light on the charger unit turned on then off. I then proceeded to buy a new battery and charging unit. It turned on perfectly and worked well, but the battery wouldnt charge, and when the battery's charge was all out, it would start up, show the windows loading screen for 30-60 seconds and then mysteriously power off. (Same result with battery+charger in) When i tried turning it on with just the charger in, the front indicator lights would turn on for a few seconds, then turn back off. I tried getting rid of the static built up by pressing the power button down for 30 seconds, but no progress. I know that the outlet is working perfectly, the battery works well, just doesnt have a charge, and has been cleaned. I think the problem is either with the laptop not accepting power (for lack of better words) or the charger not producing enough power. All help is appreciated, and needed... Thank you! :)
Are the battery and charger cord OEM or after market? I ask because while after market parts can work great for some devices, and some accessories, batteries and charging cords for laptops do not fall in that category.

Often after market batteries do not fit correctly, which can lead to charging issues, among a host of other problems. With charging cords, they can not be sending the correct amount of power to the device.