Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series (i7559-763BLK) graphics not working?


Mar 23, 2015
So basically I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series (i7559-763BLK) about a month ago and didn't really use it much if at all (just started it up and installed some programs like steam/chrome/outlook) Recently I've been gaming on it a bit but the highest fps I ever get is around 30... This computer ships with a gtx 960m gpu and I was wondering if this fps compares well to the card or if this is solely integrated graphics controlling the fps meaning that my gpu is disabled or is broken.

So basically do you guys think my card is broken/disabled???

Only tested two games: csgo and bioshock infinate and only got 30fps max using all settings (low through high).

Post fps you get on games if you have the same laptop.

Might need to get this one replaced if its broken.


Mar 23, 2015
Strange... 960m only works when laptop plugs into wall even though I made it so weather its plugged in or not it should be working at maximum performance.


Aug 17, 2016
go to your geforce experience, under the preference tab go to battery booster and put the bar to higher performance. That should fix your problem
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