Dell Inspiron 7567 vs Lenovo Legion y520. Help!!


Oct 4, 2016
hello guys. here is my story. so i want to buy a laptop and my budget is around $800.
now my top 3 picks are dell inspiron 7567, lenovo legion y520 and acer vx 15.
since people are saying hat the acer is about $1100, so i didn't included that.
now both dell inspiron 7567 and lenovo legion y520 have same specs and same gpu that is GTX1050.
so which one should i buy. PLEASE HELP
also i live in india and my friend is coming from usa in early feb 2017.
so the inspiron has already released but they are saying that the lenovo would release in February too.
so to get the lenovo i may have to wait for 2-3 months till someone else comes from usa.
Also any other suggstions are also good :)

Links to laptops -
Dell inspiron 7567 -
Lenovo legion y520 -




Greetings, shiveng:

This is a tricky one...

The Dell gaming Inspirons in your link offer attractive specs at reasonable prices, but only the $1,100 version will give you 16GBs of RAM, which is pretty much de rigeur nowadays. 32GBs of RAM is available in the $1,300 version as is 4K resolution. FHD displays need not be a problem if you're only ever going to use the laptop as a gaming device. TN panels usually offer a sharper and crisper viewing experience with faster response times (1 to 5 ms) compared to IPS panels.

As for the Lenovo Legion, here are 2 YouTube videos with some more information on what to expect:

The first one seems to be a Lenovo advocate, but at least you learn something about future pricing. The second video is from a German YT channel, but in English, and they say that the Legion will be available with a 4K display, too, and a USB Type-C port.

Other than that, both machines seem identical - with the Legion edging ahead with more up-to-date ports and slightly lower weight, at 2.3 kg vs 2.6 in the Dell.

The Legion Y520 seems to be priced slightly below the Dell 15 - the Lenovo guy says it's "designed for the budget user who's trying to get into the gaming world". From the photos available, the Dell seems to feature a better heat dissipation design, with 2 heat exhausts vs 1 in the Legion. Finally, there's overall styling: This is very much a question of taste, but the Dell looks a bit chunky - though in a 'cool-looking way', while the Legion is actually a bit subdued, especially compared to some of the previous Y-series Ideapads.

I can't really see how you could go wrong with either machine - the Dell is available now, which is a plus - so my advice is: Go with your instincts. Which one appeals to you more?

Best of luck,


May 14, 2012
TN panels usually offer a sharper and crisper viewing experience with faster response times (1 to 5 ms) compared to IPS panels.
I agree that faster response times are better for gaming.

But unfortunately, for the most part, good quality TN displays in laptops aren't really an option anymore, outside of 17.3" 1080p TN and 120Hz TN. It used to be that just about all 1080p upgrade options in laptops absolutely transcended the contrast, gamut, and viewing angles of their cheaper 768p counterparts. But it would seem they stopped putting effort into making decent TN 1080p laptop panels once IPS 1080p panels started coming along.

Comparison of the Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming poor quality FHD TN with an older Lenovo Y510p good quality TN

The low quality TN displays we get now IMO defeat some of the purpose of a gaming laptop, because the better GPU is supposed to let you run in higher settings to make your game look better, but the GPU can't get past limitations of the quality of the display. And in general outside of gaming, I think the difference between a good display and a poor display tends to have more of an overall effect on how nice your computer is to use, than the differences between most other specs. I don't think the Inspiron is a particularly good value given the compromises it made on what I would consider to be one of the most important components.

Last year's Inspirons used an IPS display that was at least decent in contrast and viewing angles (even if the color gamut was limited), and Dell made the decision to move away from that. I think it is important for us to vote with our wallets against this decision by Dell, and I am hoping that Dell will respond the same way that Lenovo did with their Y50 model that started out with a poor quality 1080p, which was to switch to IPS displays. And Lenovo has stuck with that change to this day, which is great.



Thanks for the details on the TN panels. My understanding (and experience) has always been that TNs shouldn't be considered for any portable device, but I still come across 'gamers' who insist that TNs are superior to IPS panels - but this demographic usually also go the extra mile and invest in a top-notch TN panel.

And your comment about the Y50 is spot on: My own Y50 came with a very crappy TN panel - so bad it almost turned me off Lenovo products in general. I'm pleased to learn that they've changed their 'wicked ways'.



Oct 4, 2016

So which display is better, the Dell 7567 Or Lenovo Legion ?
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