Question Dell Latitude 5521 - Change or adding the SSD disk to REMOVE ADMIN

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Aug 2, 2022
Hello Team,

I have a laptop Dell Latitude 5521 with 1GB original SSD disk. I want to add one more disk with 512 GB. I want to add that disk because of I cannot install anything on the original windows, as I am not an admin, I will never get that admin password, so i had an idea to buy that 512 GB disk and add it to that PC. What will happen next ? Do i need to remove the original SSD to get rid of the admin there ? Or can i have there both of those disks ? Or just the new disk and then i will no need the admin password ?

Will i be able to install the windows 10 from flash disk to the new SSD ? Even if I am not able to change the booting from the original SSD. (Require password still in bios when booting is changed, so cannot currently change the booting.

Thank you,


Admin is dead. Will never get the password.
Help me please.
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