Dell Latitude running slow after fresh reformat


Apr 22, 2012
Hello all,

My problematic laptop Specs:
Dell latitude E6410
Core I5 2.6GHZ
4GB Ram
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

After replacing a broken 320 GB @5400RPM hard drive with a 500 GB 7200RPM and installing windows 7 onto my Dell Latitude E6410, it has been running unbearably slower. It runs fine for a few minutes or so, and then even opening an empty folder and simple Internet use takes a while and shows unresponsive.

I checked the windows task manager and it shows the CPU and RAM barley working and yet everything seems to run significantly slower. I do have a hunch that it may be because of the drivers I installed. After installing windows onto the blank hard drive, I installed some drivers I got off the Dell website. I do not think I installed them in the correct order.

Here is the List of the drivers I used in the order it was installed (I think)
X Intel_AMT-HECI_A04_R286574.exe
X IDT_92HDXXX-HD-AUDIO_A17_R278544.exe
X VistaWin7-64_15.22.58_2993_Dell_setup_ZPE.exe
X Network_Driver_HH26V_WN_15.8.0.5_A05

If the drivers were not installed in the correct order, would the laptop be running slow? Should I try another reformat?

What are some solutions you guys recommend I should take?
Could this possibly be a hardware issue, honestly the laptop has seen better days.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
I would start by running dell diagnostics. at boot up, push F12, when it gives you the list of options, choose diagnostics and let that run. this would either rule out hardware issues or let you know what the problem could be if hardware related.