Question Dell N7110 external USB webcam not working?

Feb 27, 2022
I have a Dell Inspiron N7110 laptop, which has Intel HD Graphics 3000 built-in card.

I recently bought external Lenovo FHD 300 webcam. When I connect to the USB port, it is getting recognized and driver is automatically getting installed in Windows 10. But when I run the camera application it switches to it but could not display the video or image from it. It shows only for two seconds and then it hangs kind of and Camera app then switches back to built-in webcam. Why is this happening? Is this due to graphics card or the display?

Also I tried to test it through online, it shows the webcam in dropdown list but is not able to ever connect to it. Can somebody help in resolving this issue?

I am also ok if I have to buy an external video capturing device/card and then connect webcam to it. Will it work? I am not sure, so wanted to check if this is a feasible solution or not? Or please suggest any other alternate to connect webcam.