Dell XPS 15 L501X Freezes With No BSOD


Sep 22, 2011

I've been having this problem for a while now - and it's getting more frequent lately. The computer freezes in the same way every time, with no BSOD. I will be using the computer, first the screen freezes but the mouse remains moveable (nothing clickable). The fans start to spin, then 5 seconds after the screen froze - the cursor freezes. I can still change the screen brightness, turn the wireless off or on, activate the keyboard backlight, or turn on/off the touchpad - but nothing else. No repsonse to CTRL-ALT-DEL, no response from any other keys. If there was video playing - the audio continues, but the screen has frozen. This will go on for ever until a forced power down.

This only happens in the evenings - anywhere from about 8:30pm - 10:00pm. I originally thought that it was related to my battery - as this is the time that I usually unhook the power and carry the laptop to my room to use. Last night, same thing happened, but while still plugged in to power. I have tried to find something in the scheduled tasks that happens every evening, but cannot find anything that is scheduled for that time. The odd evening it may work fine with no freezes - but most evenings it does freeze. The only way out of the freeze it a forced power down. And it will usually refreeze a few times about 10 mins after a reboot.

Again, no BSOD - so no minidumps. No errors in the event log (other than errors related to the forced restart after the fact). I ran RealTemp for a while to see if it was a temperature thing - but it crashed with all processors around 50 deg, so no issues with heat.

I have updated every single driver that could possibly be updated. I'm stumped.

Anyone with a similar problem?

I'm running a Dell XPS 15 L501X, quad core i7 Q740, 8GB ram, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit 6.1.7601 SP1 Build 7601.

Thanks in advance,



Aug 15, 2011
Does that computer have an SSD? I know I was having problems with my SSD locking up the computer whenever the OS tried to "put the harddrive to sleep" in the power options.

Try turning that off that in the power options


Nov 25, 2011
Jesse -- I have the exact same symptom on an XPS 15 L502X, and noticed your posting on this forum and a few others. Did you ever make any progress?
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