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Mar 11, 2011

I recently accepted a job transfer to London and don't want to pay the shipping costs of moving my custom desktop overseas. As such, I'm in the market for a laptop to serve as a replacement PC. I've never owned a laptop previously, but have always built my own desktops, so I'm somewhat knowledgable about hardware components, but not overall Laptop manufacturers.

Technically, I don't have a budget, but would prefer to keep the costs around $1500. If there is a deal that blows my mind I would spend more.

Here is a list of the specs that I definately want:

i7 Processor - (generation doesn't matter)
Nvidia 460m - (I've always been partial to Nvidia graphics and don't really want an ATI card. Yes, you could call this a fanboy thing.)
14" - 16" Display - (Laptop will be plugged into a seperate monitor when at home, so I would prefer to keep the mobility and not get into larger screen sizes.)

All other specs are negotiable. Below are the two systems that I've found that seem to most fit what I'm looking for:

Cons - Refurbished / not full HD

Don't know this brand. I believe they are more known for MBs. Would this be a reliable laptop?

Which of these two systems would you suggest? Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,


The Kasafist

Mar 20, 2013
You could try the one of these. The second one I would recommend. It has the screen size you ask. Along with a 700 series Nvidia card which are newer. I wouldn't recommend the top one of course but the second on the list for $1700. It's mainly pricey due to the fact that it already comes pre-built in with both an SSD and an HDD.

Plus since you travel I was thinking just in case that the multi-lingual function might appeal to you since you mentioned you may go higher assuming a really good deal that "blows your mind" LOL! If it doesn't suit ou that's totally understandable. I think it's well equipped for a $1700 laptop! Otherwise I am sure that what Maziar recommened is just fine.
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